Maintenance Division
Our staff are trained carpenters, painters and handy people who offer a wide variety of skills to service our clients!
We offer a wide variety of other services to improve, update and protect your home/investment.  We are fully licensed and insured.

Maintenance Requests
         All routine requests are made to our Customer Service Coordinator.  Requests can be written (mailed, faxed or emailed) or verbal.  The customer service coordinator will schedule all work, whether done by our staff or an outside contractor.  Larger requests, that may need Board approval, are referred to the Property Manager and the Board of Trustees for review.

Maintenance Logs
         All maintenance calls are entered into our computer system as an open log item.  Upon completion of the work, the information is entered into the open work order and closed out.  We have the ability to track work for historical needs and can be sent to the Board for review.

      Our after hours telephone number is connected to our answering service.  The on-call manager responds once contacted by the answering service and appropriate action is taken.  The customer service coordinator will respond to non-emergency calls the next business day.

General maintenance concerns are addressed Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm
After hours emergency telephone# is 508-759-5555 Ext. 3 

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